Here you will find resources that may be of use to you and your children
Bridge the gApp- is an online mental health resource for both children and adults to support mental health wellness.  Here, you will find a variety of supports, featuring a services directory, information booth addressing a wide range of concerns, along with many online programs, games, and tools.  These services can be accessed by anyone and are free of charge!

Suggested Websites and Resources

ReachingOut Poster

Steps on how to initiate difficult conversations and possible numbers to contact. 

Kids Help Phone

Quick access to Kids Help Phone.  You can also access this service through your iPad by downloading their app, Always There (white and blue smiley face)

Setting up a device safely for kids

Steps for how to safely set up a device for kids. 

Western Health Directory

Western Health’s directory for mental health support.

YouTube channels for elementary students

A list of YouTube channels that would be of interest to K-6 students in a variety of areas, ranging from academics, relaxation, and brain breaks.

Non-screen activities you can do at home

Non-Screen activities that kids can try at home!

100+ non-screen activities

List of over 100 activities children can do to keep busy while indoors.

How to support your child's mental health

Tips for parents on how to support their children’s mental health at this time.

Good website for Grade 6 students addressing issues such as maintaining connections, routines, and structures. 

Coping Skills for Parents and Kids

Good resource for Grade 6 students to help parents help kids to cope with change.

50 Ways to Take a Break

50 ways to take a break. 

Helping Parents through Covid-19

Helping parents through COVID-19

COVID-19 Learning hub for kids

COVID-19 Learning hub for kids

Tips on how to ease Children’s anxiety

Tips on how to ease Children’s anxiety

Supporting Kids with Autism

Great resource on how to support individuals with Autism in uncertain times.

Covid 19 Resources

25 Ways to encourage

List of different uplifting and positive phrases that parents/adults can use when interacting with their children.

Covid-19 Daily schedule

Sample schedule showing one way families can plan out their days during this time. 

Restorative Questions for Family Conflicts

Provides tips for how to handle family conflict as families spend more time together at home.  Features effective questioning techniques to resolve issues among family members.

Quarantine questions

Six important questions we should ask ourselves at this time to promote emotional well being.

9 Mental health activities to do with your children

Great suggestions for activities for parents and children to do together.

K-3 Coronavirus story

Nice little short story explaining the coronavirus to younger children while explaining some things happening around us (why we need to practice social distancing and why it’s so important to stay healthy)

Helping children deal with big feelings

Informative document highlighting behavioural changes that parents may notice in young children and how parents can manage these changes.

8 Ways to help Support your Child in a time of uncertainty

Suggestions to help children stay calm and relaxed when they are feeling worried in uncertain times.

Covid 19 and social emotional health

Visual offering some suggestions to promote social and emotional health.

Coronavirus- A Book for Children 

Good informational text on the coronavirus for Elementary aged students, but possibly suitable for some Primary aged students as well.

A Guide to Covid 19 for Youth

One page overview of COVID-19 for parents and older children.  Information provided by but featured details are applicable to us all!

Things I can control vs things I can't control

Visual reminding us of things we can control at this time versus those we have no control over.

Control vs No Control

Venn diagram showing similar content to previous visual and coming to terms with being the best YOU during these times.

Captain Corona

Nice little story on the coronavirus by Melissa Gratias: Captain Corona and the 19 COVID Warriors.

Anxiety and Covid 19

Tips for how to become your own first responder and manage feelings of anxiety.         

 The Stay Home Superheroes

Tips for how to become your own first responder and manage feelings of anxiety.         

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