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In 2005-2006 school year, we introduced students to the plight of children in India. They learned how many villages in India don't have access to clean drinking water and that children often have to walk long distances to access clean water. Sopar is working to build wells in each village so that the people will have easy access to clean water. Each well costs about $850 to build. To date we have helped build twelve wells! Each village that received a well also had the plaque with our school's name on it to indicate the donor.

Walk for Water

Each year, C.C. Loughlin take part in the Walk for Water on March 22nd. On this day, all students walk to recognize the importance of clean water and wells in India since many children have to walk daily to fetch water for their households. Each year, we raise money to build wells in India so that children will not have this difficult task as part of their daily life.

World wide, more than 200 million hours per day are spent fetching water for household needs! In India, low-income families spend about 6 hours per day collecting water and walk on average 9 km a day. This lack of access obligates women and children to fetch water to the closest water point regardless of the quality. Diarrhea alone kills more than 1,600 people every day.

More than 1.1 billion people lack access to drinkable water today and the United Nations expects that 3 billion people will experience water stress by 2025. By being aware of water issues around the world, Canadians will be better equipped to make decisions about water consumption, national regulations and the importance of concerted international policies to ensure accessibility to clean and safe water for all.

Source: Sopar.ca


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Our Greenhouse

With the help of several agencies and volunteers, we have a greenhouse located behind the school. Students from each class planted seeds in the spring and the seedlings grew inside until they were ready to be planted in our outdoor gardens. The tomato and pepper plants were housed in the greenhouse all summer long and several volunteers made sure to water them while teachers and students were on summer break. Pickles and salsa recipes have been circulating throughout the school and several students took part in preparing these!